Premium Gold Flaxseed  - Lignans - Organic Flaxseed - Gluten Free Flour

Golden Flaxseed - Natural & Organic

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premium gold flax seed
Golden Flaxseed fresh from our North Dakota farm to your table —
both natural and organic, non-gmo, kosher & gluten free certified!

At Premium Gold Flax, we wish everything on your table could be as fresh and wholesome as our Premium Gold® Flaxseed. Being certified seed stock producers and fifth generation family farmers, we take great care to ensure the highest possible quality when selecting our flaxseed. Our goal is to put the finest cold-milled golden flaxseed on your table. Enjoy the robust taste and health benefits of our flaxseed by making Premium Gold® Flaxseed a part of your daily diet. the miller family - denhoff, nd

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debbie kay's kitchen gluten free baking mixes
Gluten Free
Farm Fresh
Baking Mixes

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debbie kaye's kitchen gluten free baking mixes
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Baking mix formulas based on our Award Winning
  Gluten Free All Purpose Flour with ancient grains
Baking mix blend includes our home-grown proprietary
  True Cold Milled (TCM®) Flax Seed
NON-GMO ingredients
12 month shelf life
ICS Certified Allergen and Gluten Free facility

Premium Gold® Flaxseed Bestsellers

Whole Golden Flaxseed   Ground Flaxseed (Fine)

100% All Natural Whole Flaxseed - Gluten Free - Omega 3

Whole Golden Flaxseed - 96 oz.

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Premium Gold Fine Ground Flaxseed - Gluten Free - Non GMO - 100% Natural Flaxseed

Fine-Ground Golden Flaxseed - 24 oz.

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Pre-Ground Flaxseed products

Organic Whole Flaxseed   Ground Flaxseed (Coarse)

Organic Whole Flaxseed - 100% Organic - Gluten Free - Kosher - NON GMO - Omega 3 and Fiber
Organic Whole Golden
Flaxseed - 26 oz.

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  Dash O Flax - pre ground golden flax seed
Dash O' Flax® - 10 oz.

Table Flax Golden Flaxseed - 16 oz.

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Gluten Free Flax Flour   Flax Hull Lignans

premium gold Flax and Whole Grain All-Purpose Flour
Gluten Free Flax & Ancient Grains All-Purpose Flour - 2 lbs.

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Premium Gold 100% Natural Golden Flax Hull Lignans

5.3 oz. Flax Hull Lignan &
24 oz. TCM® Ground Flaxseed


flax hull lignans
Flax Hull Lignans - 5.3 oz.

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