Tips for Adding Flaxseed to Your Diet

Quick tricks to add flaxseed into your favorite foods & snacks

premium gold Dash O' Flax• Add a few tablespoons of ground flax to your bowl of cooked oatmeal.

• Add a bit of ground flax to a fruit smoothie mix, orange juice or even low-fat milk. If you don’t want to introduce texture into your milk, consider adding it to chocolate milk for a yummy milk shake!

• Stir some ground flaxseed into applesauce for a healthy snack.

• Top some onto yogurt. Better than the pre-package yogurt mixes that have crunchy toppings!

• Sprinkle onto your favorite salad to add texture and an added nutrition bonus.

• Jazz up your soups and casseroles with a sprinkle of Premium Gold TCM® Dash O' Flax®!